Small but mighty

Apart from our dominant and popular restaurants, Poststüberl has become another institution at White Horse Inn Romantic Hotel. Especially smokers know why.

Equal amongst equals

You can already see it from afar. When you turn onto Marktplatz in St. Wolfgang after a short or longer arrival and finally see the intensely red facade of the first of the nine White Horse Inn Romantik Hotel buildings on Lake Wolfgang, then you are very close to Poststüberl!

The cosy Poststüberl on Wolfgangsee
Poststüberl at "Im Weissen Rössl" Romantic Hotel

From coffee to appetiser

We warmly recommend to come to Poststüberl parlour before or after your visit at the White Horse Inn's restaurants. This cosy bar was added during the refurbishment of the traditional hotel in 2008 and has been a popular venue for get-togethers in St. Wolfgang. Lovely smelling coffee, a good glass of Austrian wine, a "Pfiff" of beer (Pfiff is a very small glass and very typical for Austria) - as an appetiser or nightcap - at Poststüberl people meet and socialise. In summer a small "Schanigarten" guest garden is opened on warm evenings at Poststüberl. Especially with live music on warm summer's days, this place has an atmosphere that is indeed unsurpassable.

Smokers welcome!

Another special feature sets Poststüberl apart from the other White Horse Inn bars and restaurants at the Romantik Hotel on Lake Wolfgang: it is the hotel's only smoking area. As strict and consequent we are in all the other areas at the hotel when it comes to compliance with our non-smoking rules - the remaining smokers amongst our guests deserve their front-row seat at White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang and get it at Poststüberl. The only thing they might miss is the lake. But they are reimbursed by the views over the hustle and bustle on St. Wolfgang's Marktplatz. Our employees will gladly tell you one or two anecdotes and story.

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