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A dream in white: winter holidays in St. Wolfgang

White winters in Austria at the White Horse Inn

Winter in St. Wolfgang: it is not far to the skiing pistes and cross country ski trails. And still there is so much more winter experience to be had. Winter holidays in St. Wolfgang: a dream in white.

Family in the snow, child sitting in a slide
Winter experience 

Winter sports Map with hiking routes & cross country trails
Winter sports Map 

A winter holiday in St. Wolfgang is full of calm and relaxation. The sun greets you with the soft first rays reaching over the hill tops and the soft fog veil covering Lake Wolfgang slowly dissolves. No appointments, no ringing phones – pure relaxing winter holiday bliss.

Winter in St. Wolfgang: relaxation and calm

During winter St. Wolfgang shows a totally different face to the one you might have experienced during summer. Peace and calm dominate the usually lively town of St. Wolfgang. When you go cross country skiing or winter hiking you discover a quiet, white landscape that makes it possible to relax and switch off. Afterwards you can soak in the soothing heat of the White Horse Inn saunas or the Roessl Pool - the heated outdoor whirlpool floating on Lake Wolfgang - or indulge in relaxing massages and beauty treatments at the White Horse Inn SPA & Beauty area.

Well rested, sporty and active: your winter holidays in St. Wolfgang

After a few days of relaxed calm do you long for a bit more action, snow and the outdoors? Skiing and cross country skiing at Lake Wolfgang, toboggan runs or alpine chalet fun, Bavarian curling in a leisurely social gathering or winter hiking: there are plenty of winter experiences available during winter holidays at Lake Wolfgang.

Winter hiking paths

Winter hiking paths in St. Wolfgang

1 | Kalvarienberg circle path (4 km, 1 hour)

Starting from the square in front of the Parish Church in St. Wolfgang, proceed uphill on the main road in the direction of Strobl to the Peter Hotel. From there turn left uphill past the Moabauer Farmstead to the fork in the road at the Ahornplatz. Take the road to the left and walk steadily uphill until you see the Calvarienbergkirche (Calvary Church) to your left. Now downhill to the crossing above the Hupfmühle Inn. Continue downhill past a little roadside shrine to the Schafbergbahn Railway Station on the lakeside. Then go left along the lakeshore back to the point of origin at the Marktplatz.

2 | Aschau circle path (8 km, 2 hours)

From the Markplatz in St. Wolfgang, go in the direction of Strobl past the tunnel entrance and the Tourist Office. At this point take the road on the left which forks after a few metres. Turning to the right, you walk past the Rudolfshöhe Inn to reach the Häuslbauer. From there ascend to the farmsteads of Aschau. From this point it is only a short climb to the "Jausenstation" Holzerbauer (open daily and offering refreshments).
On the way back, you again pass Aschau and now, taking the way to the left, you reach Schwarzenbach (If you turn off at the sign indicating "Mostbauer" to the right, you reach this charming inn which is open daily except Tuesdays). From here the road descends to the Bürglstein Inn on the main Road Strobl - St. Wolfgang. From the Bürglstein Inn, the way back to St. Wolfgang roughly follows the lakeshore on a pedestrian/bicycle path.

3 | Ried circle path (5 km, 1 hour 15 minutes)

Starting at the Marktplatz, go westward. After approx. 12 kilometre, at the Wolfganger Hof where the road forks, keep to the right and continue on this road, crossing a small stream (which is the border between Upper Austria and Salzburg) and past the Hotel Försterhof. Soon the road ascends slightly and you have for approx. 1,5 miles a splendid view of lake and mountains. Eventually this road descends to a crossing near the Leopolderhof farmstead (Public phone booth to the right). Turning left you follow the lakeshore Road - past the Arndt Lido - back to the Marktplatz in front of the Parish Church.

4 | Aschinger inn walk (4 km, 1 hour)

Starting at the Marktplatz, go westward to the fork at the Wolfgangerhof and up the Sternallee. A short distance past the Hotel Försterhof, take the first road to the right. This road, flanked by pleasant villas, ascends and then winds to the left and uphill through the forest. This road is tarmacked and ends at the Aschinger Farmstead which caters to guests with snacks and refreshments daily except Tuesdays. Return by the same route.

5 | Around the Schwarzensee (10 km, 2 hours 30 minutes)

With the public bus from St. Wolfgang to the busstop "Russbach". From here hike to the Schwarzensee (if you have your own transportation you can drive up the carpark above the lake). Then either walk right or left around this beautiful little lake. Back at the carpark, return to the busstop in Russbach by the same way.

6 | Dr. Rais Promenade (2 km, 30 minutes)

Starting from the Marktplatz in front of the St. Wolfgang Parish Church, past Weisses Rössl Hotel walk westward along the lake on the "Dr. Rais Promenade", turning back at the cemetary to return to the point of origin in front of the church.

7 | Sulzer farmstead round (6 km, 1 hour 30 minutes)

With the public bus from St. Wolfgang to the busstop "Russbach". Now you go to the left to Branntweinhäusl inn and then to the right through the forest to Radau and across the motor road, first ascending then evenly descending to the Sulzer Farmstead and back to Russbach.

8 | Radau circle path (8 km, 2 hours)

With the public bus from St. Wolfgang to the "Radau" busstop. Go westward 300 metres in the direction of Bad Ischl. Now turn right, ascend slightly uphill to Windhag and then go down to the Golf Hotel. Then further to the right to the "Ischl River", follow it upstream along its left bank to the Weinbach crossing. Here turn right and at the roadside shrine ascend left to the Pöllmann Farmstead. Continue here till the way branches off to the left. This leads you via the Sulzer Farmstead back to Radau.

9 | from Russbach to Strobl (4,5 km, 1 hour)

With the public bus from St. Wolfgang to the bus stop "Russbach". At the crossing go 1 kilometre westward in the direction of Weissenbach. Then to the right via the Weinbachbauer Farmstead to the Wolfganger Road. Cross the road turn left and after a few paces turn right to walk along the base of the hill called Bürglstein until you reach the lake turn left cross the bridge and proceed to the Strobl Parish Church. Return to St. Wolfgang by public bus.

Winter hiking paths in Strobl

10 | Lakeside trail (4 km, 1 hour)

From the village square along the street to the Felmayrbad (community Lido), then westward, along a narrow road parallel to the lakeshore through the nature preserve "Blinkingmoos" until you reach a sign: "Zum Lipphaus". Turn left, slightly ascending go until you reach a wider trail which once was the railbed of the narrow gauge railway. Turn left and go east, thus returning to Strobl.

11 | Railway dam trail (8 km, 2 hours)

From the village square go past the sport fields westward on the trail, which was up to 1958 the railbed of the narrow gauge railway, connecting Bad Ischl with Salzburg. Continue past the Pitzner Farmstead to the tarmacked Gschwendtner Landstraße. Turn right and go down to the ferry landing on the pedestrian/bike path. Back to Strobl the same way.

12 | Bürglpromenade (2.5 km, 40 minutes)

From the village square, the lake to your left, go to the Seeklause where the river named Ischl drains the lake. Cross the stone bridge and turn left and go through the iron portal onto the Bürglpromenade. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while going along the lake shore until reaching the wooden boardwalk from where you return to the village square by the way you came.

13 | Kleefeld route (7 km, 2 hours)

From the main square proceed in southerly direction along the Postalm Road, from where, after 1.5 km, the mountain road to the Kleefelder Hof Inn with its wildlife preserve, branches off and ascends to the right. Continue in the same direction along the wildlife preserve fence, until the trail descends towards the Postalm Road. Now you have the choice of descending by the same way you came or you continue out of the valley on the Postalm Road, past the Pöckl Sawmill and subsequently to the left to get back to the centre of Strobl.

14 | Weissenbach - Aigen (5 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes)

From the bus terminal go east and cross the Wolfgang Road via the underpass and continue in the same direction. The road is at first wide but narrows to a path which turns to the right and goes through another underpass to emerge and to inersect a village street. Turn left on this street and walk on the pavement to the two sawmills. After the first sawmill, cross the bridge and immediately turn right and go through the village of Aigen, reaching another bridge where the road and pass the Hotel Bergrose to get to the Weissenbach Inn (bus stop). To the left is the way back to Strobl.

15 | Aigen - Voglhub circle path (5 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes)

Starting point is the bus stop near the Weissenbach bridge. Cross the bridge and walk through the narrow street which describes an arch rejoining the main road. Continue to the right arriving at the quaint little Aigen-Voglhub Post Office. Turn left off the main road, cross the Ischl River on the foot bridge. You are now on the Weinbach street. Continue to the left and walk through Weinbach up to the crossroad. From here turn right to a little wayside Shrine. Leaving the shrine behind on the right, ascend and pass the Pöllmann Farmstead and eventually arrive at the country road connecting Weissenbach and Russbach. Turning left, one gets back to the starting point.

Winter hiking paths in Abersee

16 | Farchen - Brunn circle tour (6 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes)

Starting at the Old Gassner Inn, walk down the road which leads past the saw mill and lumber yard to the Staudachwald (forest). In the forest, turn right at the second crossing. Now the trail goes some distance through the forest and eventually turns left towards Farchen hamlet. After leaving the forest, the trail continues through fields and you reach the houses of Farchen. At the sheep shed of the Stoffen Estate, turn left immediately onto a service road past the Urbanhof Farmstead. Passing under the Federal Highway, you reach the Kloiberbauer Farmstead. Now proceed along the old Wolfgangsee Road to Brunn hamlet. Further along the "Old Road", the Adambauer Farmsteads to your left and with its "Village of Animals" is very popular with children, because here they can approach the animals and touch and stroke them. Continuing, walk across the bridge and down the Schulstrasse to the Federal Highway and to the left across a car park through an underpass to the Waldstrasse on the other side of the Highway. On the right bank of the Zinkenbach go downstream until you reach the suspension bridge which you cross to the left bank and where near the Church of St. Konrad the starting point is located.

17 | Staudach - Gamsjaga tour (6.5 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes)

From the Old Gassner Inn go to the St. Konrad Church. Behind the church a foot path beside the Zinkenbach leads downstream in the direction of the lake. Go as far as Panzl Stubn, and then left on the road through the hamlet Abersee-Reith to the Aberseehof Inn. Now through the Staudachwald. At the crossing in the forest turning right you reach Farchen. Now walk through the fields to the Stoffengut Estate and past the Primuskapelle roadside-shrine on the service road past the camping grounds and the Berneggerbauer Farmstead to the Gamsjaga Inn on the main road. Cross the Highway and walk on the "Old Road" along the base of the hill till you reach the harnlet of Brunn. After passing the farm houses, turn left at the sign "Rundweg 2" and after passing the Stadlmann Farmstead, again cross the main Highway. Take the service road to the right. Go a short distance down the road from the highway and then turn right to go down the arrow-straight service road through the Staudachwald back to your point of departure near the Old Gassner Inn.

18 | Vitz am Berg route (8 km, 2 hours)

Starting at the Old Gassner Inn, walk behind the St. Konrad Church onto the forest trail which leads upstream beside the Zinkenbach. Cross the Highway through the underpass. Continue across the car park and proceed along the Schulstrasse. Before reaching the Appesbacher Carpentry Workshop, turn left onto the service road. This road (No.15) continues past a gravel pit to the Vitz am Berg Farmstead. Returning on the same trail No. 15, you turn right towards the houses of Gschwendt, descend to the Highway and cross it. Go to the sports field through the Forsthub Housing Estate until you reach the trail which was the farmer railway track. On this trail turn left and cross the suspension bridge over the Zinkenbach, past the church back to the point of origin.

19 | Zinkenbachklamm (gorge) tour (2.5 km, 45 minutes)

Starting point at the parking facility near the Zinkenbachbauer Farmstead on the old Wolfgangsee Road, where the forest service road into the Zinkenbach Valley begins. The road first passes to the right of the weir near the Old Forestly House, curves to the left and enters the Zinkenbach valley over two small bridges. Now the road is on the right bank of the stream and for some time leads directly southward unti you arrive at a bend in the stream and the road ascends to the left. Those who want to, can go on for miles up the valley. It is recommended to undertake this tour through the picturesque gorge on a sunny morning because the play of sunlight on frozen cascades and myriads of twinkling icicles make a lasting impression.

Winter hiking paths in St. Gilgen

20 | Lueg tour (3.5 km, 1 hour)

From the church, walk straight down the Ischler Straße to Fischerwirt Inn which is right on the lakefront. At the lake, turn right and walk along the shore right down to the end of Ischler Strasse and continue on the lake-side promenade passing attractive villas all the way to the Lueg Vacation Hostel. Returning, walk along the promenade to the point where it meets the Highway. Cross the Highway and go along the Aberseestraße, which behind the Jodlerwirt Inn, after a short stretch, leads through a wood. After passing a wayside shrine, cross the Highway once more and go along the Aberseestraße past the elementary and secondary schools back to the centre of the Village.

21 | Laim Irlreith tour (2.5 km, 45 minutes)

Starting out from the centre (Mozart Square), ascend the Schwarzenbrunner Strasse to the left and cross the Highway. Now ascend the steep Hochreit Strasse. Further up, this street veers to the right and more gently leads past some farm houses and a skilift and descends to a housing estate in Ilreith. Now turn left and walk through the car park and continue until you arrive at the bridge which spans the Mühlbach (Mill stream). Cross the bridge to the other side and descend the narrow path beside the Mühlbach till you reach the Eisenstrasse. A little further on, cross the Highway by an underpass and return to your point of origin via the Salzburger Strasse.

22 | Kohlbach route (2.5 km, 45 minutes)

From the Church Square past the Hotel Radetzky, take the Brunnleitweg until you reach the Housing Estate on the Kohlbach. Now turn to the right into the Kohlbach Straße and then to the left and again to the right into the Wenglstraße which takes you to the old Mondseer Straße. This in turn leads to the Sonnplatz from where you have a splendid view down the whole length of the lake to the mountains beyond Strobl. In order to retrun to the centre, take the Mondseer Straße past the Yacht Club and public indoor swimming pool.

23 | Fürberg Winkl route (6 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes)

From the Church Square past the Hotel Radetzky, the public indoor swimming pool and the Yacht Club, along the Old Mondseer Straße you reach the Sonnplatz. Here the road steeply ascends a few metres. Then continuing through a deciduous forest you pass the extensive park of the Hotel Billroth, the venerable elementary school and the Schuchnigg Villa, with a lovely view of the lake through the trees. Leaving the villas behind after a short walk through the forest, a wide path branches off to the right down towards the lake. After the short descent you are in Brunnwinkl with its idyllic old houses and ancient trees. From Brunnwinkl, the path narrows and leads under a cliff a few feet above the surface of the lake. Thus you arrive at the Fürberg Bay and pass by the restaurant (closed from October to May). After a short distance, the narrow tarmacked road ascends to the left through a forest. After leaving the forest, the road gently descends to the sleepy hamlet of Winkl at the foot of the Schafberg. At the crossing in th Village go to the left and thus pass the "Europa Kloster Aich" and cross the Mondsee Highway. Behind the Müllauer Farmstead, ascend rather steeply to the shrine at the Müllauer Height. From here descend steeply ro the highway. Cross again and return to the village centre by the Old Mondseer Road.

24 | Zeppezau trail (2.5 km, 45 minutes)

This trail begins at the Batzenhäusl on the Mondseebundesstraße (Highway), diagonally across the road from the Hüttenstein Castle and the idyllic Krottensee (Lake). From here, follow the gravel road to the Dichtlbauer farmstead, then walk on level ground along the broad valley floor of the Schmalnau in a westerly direction to the last Farmstead of the Zeppezau. Then a short stretch along the brook uphill to an old mill. In case that the service road has been cleared of snow because of lumber transports, you can proceed further into the remote valley of the Zeppezauer Ötz. Return to the Highway by the same way.

25 | Obenau route (4 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes)

Point of departure is the car park behind Bachwirt Inn. Immediately behind the car park there is the Raintal (vale) which is popular with children for tobogganing and sled-riding. Now, going north, the Steinklüftstrasse leads to the Mondsee-Highway which you have to cross. Continue on tarmacked service road which winds uphill to the remarkable Plomberg Estate. To the left, in the forest, are the Steinklüfte (ravines). The adventurous walk through the ravines and caves, created by rock slides is very popular with children and remains a memorable experience. From the Plomberg Estate the road again ascends fairly steeply uphill to the left and leads on an even level to the Obenauer Farmstead, a remote farm in a dreamy mountain vale. Returning from the Obenauer Farmstead take the same route you came by.

26 | Pöllach Reit trail (4 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes)

Starting off at the Mozartplatz (main square) ascend the Salzburgerstraße up to the end of the street and take the footpath along the Mühlbach (brook). Then walk through the underpass to the other side of the main highway. Then turn sharp right to the super market opposite the new Tourist Information Office. From here turn left and go straight up the Pöllinger Strasse, until you reach the highway at a sharp right turn. Cross the highway below the Mühlradl Inn and go along the service road up to the Bartlbauer Farmstead. Finally the trail steeply ascends over meadows to the heights of the Reit Estate. As a variation on the way back, you can turn left at the apartment houses in the lower part of the Pöllingerstrasse and go past the former saw mill to the Wolfgangsee Highway. Here a foot path leads from the left side of the street past the Haus-am-Hang Inn on the Mondsee Highway down the Steinklüftstrasse to the village centre.

27 | Scenic circle route Zwölferhorn (6 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes)

The trail starts at the mountain terminal of the Zwölferhorn cable-car. From this point pass the Berghof. The trail then turns sharply to the left, leads through a wood and after a ten-minute walk you reach the Arnika Chalet. Already at this point you have a spectacular view of the surrounding mounain pastures, the peaks of the Osterhorn Range and the silhouette of the high range of calcareous Alps. Slightly descending, at level ground, there is a fork in the trail (to the right the skiroute to the Stubneralm branches off). To the left the trail ascends to another fork in the trail near a copse. Follow the northern part on the trail where you find a description of various trees growing in the alpine environment. The circle-trail passes a log cabin and continues in an arc to the left around the Pillstein. From here it´s only a short detour to the cross on the peak. On the return via the southern part of the trail, you get a breathtaking view of the Wolfgangsee basin.

Pillsteinalm Alternative:
from the signpost "Illingeralm-Runde" (symbol IAR, with a red-white marking), the westernmost part of the trail slightly descends and, after turning sharply to the left, leads south to the saddie. The undulating prepared trail forms a wide arc. Return by the same route.

Crosscountry ski trails

Crosscountry ski trails in St. Wolfgang

A | Ried crosscountry ski trail

6 km (trail prepared for classic technique)
Very sunny!

Medium difficulty

Western end of Ried Road (car parking available)

The trail leads across the pastures above the houses of Ried, is very sunny and affords a splendid view of the lake and the mountains beyond the south shore of the lake.

B | Wolfgangtal crosscountry ski trail

18 km (trail prepared for classic technique), 3 km (trail prepared for skating technique)
Very sunny!

Generally an uncomplicated and even trail. Only on the terrain of the golf links in Windhag /Wirling are there some medium grade ascents and descents.

Points of Access:

  • Schwarzenbach (from the bus stop go 200 metres in the direction of Russbach.
    After the bridge on the right there is the first access). Cars can be parked near the sport facilities across the road from the Bürglstein Inn behind the Red Cross Station
  • At the bus stop in Russbach.

From Schwarzenbach to the right along the banks of the brook, over a bridge, passing the foot of Mönichsreith hill on the south, the route leads across level pastures to the busstop in Russbach. In Russbach to the right, over the bridge and across flat terrain onto Radau; then ascending to Windhag, from there continuing in a relatively long descent to the Golf Hotel. Immediately after the Hotel, either to the right to Pfandl or to the left across the Wirlinger Moos to Radau and onto Russbach (motor road must be crossed) to the village school and past the Russbachbauer Farm to the bus stop in Russbach. After crossing the motor road again, the trail leads through level meadows back to Schwarzenbach. At the school in Rußbach is a 1,7 miles skating trail.

Crosscountry ski trails in Strobl

C | Strobl crosscountry ski trail

17 km (trail prepared for classic technique), 3 km (trail prepared for skating technique)

Easy and very level terrain

Points of Access:

  • Sports fields (parking available)
  • Bus Terminal Strobl (parking available)
  • Gasthof (Inn) Wiesenhof in Gschwendt (parking beside main highway)
  • Gasthof (Inn) Weissenbach and Hotel Bergrose in Weissenbach

From the bus terminal in Strobl over level pastures southward to the Alpenmoorbad, then westward to the sport fields and through the Blinkingmoos Nature Preserve parallel to the shore of the Wolfgangsee to Gschwendt. Before reaching the Zinkenbach river, the trail turns back via the Wiesenhof Inn and the sports fields. Before getting back to the bus terminal, you can turn off to the right and go through the underpass to the other side of the main highway to get to Weissenbach. From the Hotel Bergrose and Weissenbach Inn you can return to the starting point. The 3 km long skating stretch is located in the Weissenbach community. The access is located at the Weissenbach Inn and Hotel Bergrose.

Postalm crosscountry skiing trails

A | Schitzhof trail

difficult (racingtrail), 2,8 mi (classic technique), 2,8 mi (skating technique)

B | Lienbach trail

easy, 3 mi (classic technique), 3 mi (skating technique)

C | Labenberg trail

medium difficult, 6,2 mi (classic technique), 6,2 mi (skating technique)

D | Wiesler trail

medium difficult, 3,7 mi (classic technique), 3,7 mi (skating technique)

E | Thoralm trail

medium difficult, 0,8 mi (classic technique), 0,8 mi (skating technique)


Winter hiking trails on the Postalm

Trails with directional signs and tended trails for hikers and snowshoe wearers.

1 - 9 km, 3 hours
Car Park No. 1 - Rosserhütte - Car Park No. 3 - Schafbergblickhütte - view - Wieslerhöhe - Car Park No. 3

2 - 5 km, 2 hours
Car Park No. 3 - Schafbergblickhütte - view - Wieslerhöhe - Car Park No. 3

3 - 5 km, 2 hours
Car Park No. 3 - Wiesleralm - Thoralm and back.

4 - 6 km, 2 hours
Car Park No. 1 - Rosserhütte - Car Park No. 3 and return via road.

Ice skating rinks and curling lanes

Icerinks in St. Gilgen and Schwarzenbach are freely accesible to the public. In the following places, artificial ice curlings lanes are also freely accessible to the public. These facilities are carefully maintained by hotels, innkeepers and sportclubs. Therefore, a reservation by telephone, be it for individuals or groups, wil be appreciated.

Feuerwehr - Löschzug, Winkl Tel: 06227 7036, Herr Otto Faulhaber
Gasthof Gamsjaga, Gschwand Tel: 06227 3222
Alter Gasthof Gassner, Abersee Tel: 06227 3882, Familie Gassner
Aberseer Eisschützen, Gschwendt Tel: 06137 7523, Herr Fuchs
Gasthof Mahdhäusl, Strobl Tel: 06137 7485
Hotel Försterhof, Ried Tel: 06138 2535
Gästehaus Postalm Tel: 06137 5211
Steinklüftstraße, St. Gilgen Tel: 06227 2564, Herr Anton Eigenstuhler
Gasthof zur Wacht, Aigen Tel: 06137 5414
Schöndorfer Markus, Aigen
Tel: 06137 6058


The tobogganing runs shown on the map are freely accessible to the public. Use at your own risk! Tobogganing runs on the Postalm and from the Weisswand to St. Gilgen-Laim are lit in the evening. During daytime, when skilifts and cable cars are operating, watch out for skiers!

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