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Fantastic vacation at Lake Wolfgangsee
Enjoy your vacation in the Salzkammergut!

St. Wolfgang: a holiday in the heart of the Salzkammergut

A historic little spot by the turquoise-blue lake: St. Wolfgang on Lake Wolfgang

A historic spot by the lake

There are all sorts of myths and legends surrounding the origins of St. Wolfgang, the idyllic holiday spot on Lake Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut. Right in the heart of town lies , the Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl, in an exclusive setting by Lake Wolfgang. Learn all about its fascinating, centuries-old history.

St. Wolfgang – the birth of St. Wolfgang

Back in the 10th century, a great saint chose to live in a lovely spot on the western end of Lake Wolfgang. According to legend, St Wolfgang, Bishop of Regensburg, wanted to live out the final days of his life as a penitent in a cave on the Falkenstein. He decided to throw his axe in the air, and wherever it landed, he would build a church and take up residence. The axe landed on the precise spot where the parish church of St. Wolfgang can be seen to this day.

It was the start of a wonderful new chapter: the lake was named in order of the saint, the place of worship that would later become the pilgrimage church was built and the town of St. Wolfgang flourished as people began to flock here to venerate the saint. The many pilgrims who made their way here during the Middle Ages were just the start of the town's burgeoning tourist appeal.

Long-distance view of the town of Sankt Wolfgang and Lake Wolfgangsee

St. Wolfgang: your holiday destination right beside Lake Wolfgang, Salzkammergut

The revered saint wasn't wrong about the excellence of his new abode. Today, the market town of St. Wolfgang is home to around 2,800 inhabitants, who all appreciate the extraordinary beauty of this place. At 548 m above sea level, at the foot of the Schafberg, this picturesque market town on Lake Wolfgang is also home to one of the most beautiful hotels in Austria. The Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl offers remarkable experiences in the Salzkammergut in summer and winter alike, whether you fancy hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, cross-country skiing or simply enjoying this stunning place.

A highlight of any holiday in St. Wolfgang: boat trips with Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt

On holiday at Lake Wolfgang, there's one thing you simply won't be able to resist: going up on deck on one of the boats run by Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt. This is a great way of getting to other places around the turquoise-blue Lake Wolfgang, like St. Gilgen, Strobl and other day-trip destinations nearby. The company's boats have been plying the waters of this pearl of the Salzkammergut since 1873, connecting the villages on Lake Wolfgang with each other.

Gothic winged altar in the pilgrimage church in St. Wolfgang

An Easter break in St. Wolfgang is particularly appealing. As the flowers start to blossom everywhere and the weather grows warmer while the mountains remain covered in snow, we know that the Easter holidays are just around the corner. The Gothic winged Michael Pacher Altar is opened at Easter to display the delicate carvings inside.

The Salzkammergut – a historic salt-mining region

Nowadays, there's no shortage of salt, so it might be hard to imagine that it was once prized as "white gold". In the days of the Habsburgs, the imperial family claimed the exclusive authority to produce salt. The imperial court kept a tight rein on salt production, which is how the Salzkammergut region got its name (meaning "salt domain"). This also explains why the Salzkammergut does not refer to a geological or administrative region; rather, it describes the area that the imperial family once assigned to salt production.

St. Wolfgang is within striking distance of an array of day trip destinations in the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut extends over parts of three Austrian federal states: Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg. The Inner Salzkammergut is especially scenic. Bad Ischl, Hallstatt and Bad Aussee are definitely worth a day trip during your getaway by Lake Wolfgang. The historic buildings and salt mines testify to the thrilling history of the villages in the Salzkammergut. The Outer Salzkammergut, home to the Mondsee and Salzburg, city of culture, is easily and quickly accessible from St. Wolfgang. A day trip to Salzburg is a sure-fire highlight of your holiday by Lake Wolfgang.

Your hotel in St. Wolfgang: the Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl

One of the most beautiful hotels in Austria, the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl is located beside Lake Wolfgang, in the beautiful town of St. Wolfgang, at the heart of the scenic and historically fascinating region of the Salzkammergut. This traditional Romantik hotel is primarily famed for the iconic film starring Peter Alexander and the world-famous operetta "Im Weissen Rössl", both set here. Besides offering the ultimate in Austrian hospitality and wellness, with the SPA im See, first-class restaurants and characterful, ultra-comfortable rooms and suites, this 4-star hotel also boasts a wealth of features that will delight history buffs. And best of all, it lies right on the shore of Lake Wolfgang. Plan your next Austrian holiday at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl!

Celebrating at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl

Sunday, 8 January - Monday, 8 January 2024 1 available Got a birthday coming up? Or perhaps a christening or other big event? There's always a reason to celebrate! We're delighted to be able to offer you an elegant venue for a fabulous celebration at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl. Enquire for details.