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Cross-country skiing in the Salzkammergut & skiing by Lake Wolfgang

Winter holiday by Lake Wolfgang – a dream holiday in Rössl

Cross-country skiing by Lake Wolfgang

Lake and mountains: the perfect combination for your winter holiday. Cross-country skiing in the Salzkammergut and skiing by Lake Wolfgang.

Winter by Lake Wolfgang: a fine mist hovers over the water, the snow-covered mountains glow blue. Then: the warming rays of the sun glide over hilltops and slopes – and reach your room at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl on the banks of Lake Wolfgang. It's time: rise and shine and embark on a day full of adventure.

Cross-country skiing in the Salzkammergut

The cross-country ski trails in the Salzkammergut provide plenty of fun for winter fans! The perfectly maintained cross-country trails in the Salzkammergut for classic cross-country skiers and skaters are simply inspirational. A Rössl tip: stop from time to time to take in the winter landscape

Cross-country skiers in a snowy natural landscape

Cross-country ski trails in St. Wolfgang

Rieder cross-country slope6 km (classic technique) Very sunny location! Difficulty: intermediate. Departure point: at the end of Rieder Strasse; parking is available. Trail route: the trail takes you across the fields above the Rieder houses, is very sunny and affords a magnificent view of the lake at all times.

Wolfgangtal cross-country ski trail 18 km (classic technique), 3 km (skating technique). Very sunny location! Difficulty: for the most part it's an easy, flat trail, it's only in the area by the golf course in Windhag/Wirling that are there some moderately difficult ascents and descents. Departure points:

  • Schwarzenbach (from the bus stop, walk 200 m in the direction of Russbach. The departure point is on the right, after the bridge), parking is available at the sports field diagonally opposite the Gasthaus Bürglstein.
  • Russbach (bus stop)

Trail route: from Schwarzenbach, turn right along the Schwarzenbach stream, cross over a bridge heading south past Mönichsreith hill, then cross flat meadows to Russbach and the bus stop. Turn right over the bridge and continue on the flat to Radau, then head uphill to Windhag from where is a long descent down to the Golfhotel. Immediately after the hotel, either branch off to the right to Pfandl or head left back across the Wirlinger-Moos to Radau and then to Russbach (road crossing) to the primary school and across the Russbachbauer to the Russbach bus stop. After crossing the road, pass across flat meadows back to Schwarzenbach. At the primary school in Russbach, there is a 3 km long skating trail.

Strobler cross-country trail17 km (classic technique), 3 km (skating technique) Difficulty: suitable for beginners and very flat. Departure points:

  • The sports field in Strobl (parking available)
  • Strobl bus station (parking available)
  • Gasthof Wiesenhof in Gschwendt (parking available on the main road)
  • Gasthaus Weißenbach and Hotel Bergrose in Weißenbach

Trail route: from the bus station, ski across flat meadows southwards to the Alpenmoorbad, then westwards to the sports field and then through the "Blinkingmoos" nature reserve. Continue along Lake Wolfgang to Gschwendt. Before reaching the Zinkenbach stream, return to the Wiesenhof Inn and continue to the sports field. Before returning to the bus station, you can turn right, walk under the main road and you will reach the village of Weißenbach. From the Hotel Bergrose and Gasthaus Weißenbach you return to your starting point. The 3 km-long skating trail is in the village of Weißenbach. The departure point is at Gasthaus Weißenbach or Hotel Bergrose.

Cross-country skiing trails on the Postalm

Schitzhof cross-country ski trailDifficult (racing trail), 4.5 km (classic technique), 4.5 km (skating technique), access via the Postalm guesthouse.

Lienbach cross-country ski trailBeginner, 5 km (classic technique), 5 km (skating technique), departure from the Lienbachhof (car park 1)

Labenberg cross-country ski trail Medium difficulty, 10 km (classic technique), 10 km (skating technique), departure from Lienbachhof (car park 1)

Wiesler cross-country ski trailMedium difficulty, 6 km (classic technique), 6 km (skating technique), departure from car park 3.

Thoralm cross-country ski trailMedium difficulty, 1 km (classic technique), 1 km (skating technique), access via the Wiesleralm.

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