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Fantastic vacation at Lake Wolfgangsee
Enjoy your vacation in the Salzkammergut!


Organic homemade ice cream from Rössl’s Frozen Yoghurt

Homemade organic ice cream

Being on holiday means strolling through the village streets of St. Wolfgang and being in the moment. Add a delicious ice cream and the holiday vibe of the Salzkammergut, and the scene is perfect.

The Rössl's ice cream and frozen yoghurt atelier is right outside the Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl, in the gatehouse of the famous hotel. Feast on our range of ice cream creations for the perfect holiday experience by Lake Wolfgang.


Opening times for Rössl's Frozen Joghurt in St. Wolfgang

Rössl’s Frozen Joghurt in St. Wolfgang is open from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 10 pm.

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Rössl’s organic frozen yoghurt, with over 30 flavours

Our organic frozen yoghurt is all freshly made. The organic yoghurt comes from dairy farmers in the region. We offer up to 30 different toppings, including various sauces, nuts and crumbles.

Add the following toppings to your organic frozen yoghurt:

  • Cocoa crumble
  • Caramel crumble
  • Gluten-free crumble
  • Oreo crunch
  • Chocolate and nut sauce with flakes
  • Amaretti
  • Strawberry and chocolate muesli
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Mixed nuts
  • Marshmallow
  • Salted caramel balls
  • Hazelnut brittle
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Smarties
  • Gummi Bears
  • Dark chocolate sauce
  • Mango sauce
  • Chocolate and nut sauce,
  • Milk chocolate sauce
  • Amarena cherry sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Fig sauce
  • Passionfruit sauce
  • Raffaello sauce

Rössl ice cream, treats in seasonal flavours

Besides organic frozen yoghurt, there's also a wide range of seasonal ice cream flavours. In addition to classic flavours like hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and strawberry, you can try Mozart liqueur, whisky, poppyseed, coffee & cookie flavour and more. As with our organic yoghurt, the cream and the fruit come exclusively from local producers, prepared in the traditional Italian style.

Rössl ice cream & organic frozen yoghurt to go or at the Seerestaurant

Whether served in a waffle cone or a cup, you'll love our Rössl ice cream and organic frozen yoghurt to go. It's the perfect treat while taking a leisurely stroll along Lake Wolfgang or strolling through the alleys of St. Wolfgang. Diners at the Seerestaurant can also enjoy Rössl ice cream creations and order the flavour of their choice from the special ice cream menu. And if you want to go on enjoying our ice creams at home, our cool boxes ensure that they last the journey.

Want to visit our exclusive location on Lake Wolfgang for yourself? Then make a no-obligation enquiry or book directly online. Start looking forward to delicious ice cream creations from the famous Romantik Hotel im Weisses Rössl in St. Wolfgang!

It's friends time

Friends-time at the lake Wolfgang!

from     € 479,- p.P.

Regular guest days with wirh beer-Roas

23 to 27 October 2024

4 days "Beer and Culinary Delights" in the Rössl for regular guests

from     € 1,160.- p.P.

Regular guest days with wild game weeks

25. to 29. September 2024
02. to 06. October 2024
09. to 13. October 2024
16. to 20. October 2024

Culinary experience in the Weissen Rössl

from     € 1,070.- p.P.

Regular guest days with Martini goose dinner

30. October - 03. November 2024
06. - 10. November 2024
13. - 17. November 2024

4 days of traditional cuisine in the Weisses Rössl for regular guests

from     € 950.- p.P.

Mini-break for romantics

and everyone who wants to become one.

3 nights with welcome gift, fondue experience, romantic dinner, bath for two and a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

from     € 655,- p.P.

Celebrations - Im Weissen Rössl

A birthday coming up? A christening or another wonderful event - there is always a reason to celebrate!
We are delighted to be able to offer you the elegant setting for your successful celebration at the Weisses Rössl.

from     € 565.- p.P.

Declaration of love at the lake

Time out for two in the Rössl with a Traunerl breakfast at sunrise

Bookable between 08.05. & 2.11.24

from     € 545,- p.P.

Gala at the Lake

Dreamlike summer days at the lake with
Traunerl breakfast, 6-course gourmet menu & matching wine accompaniment

17.07., 31.07. & 21.08.24

from     € 933.- p.P.

Lovers' time out

Enjoy a short trip for lovers.

2 nights, 6-course menu, fondue, breakfast, SPA and much more...

from     € 510,- p.P.

Rössl gourmet

2 nights with a culinary highlight each.

from     € 470,- p.P.

Rössl gourmet 2 nights

2 nights with each a dinner highlight.

from     € 470,- p.P.

Rössl gourmet 3 Nights

3 nights with each a dinner highlight.

from     € 680,- p.P.

Austria's cuisine is worth the journey

4 nights and 4 culinary highlights from Hermann Poll's toque-awarded cuisine

from     € 1050,- p.P.

The Beer Roas at Lake Wolfgang

2 days dedicated to beer and culinary delights

Bookable from 25 to 27 October 2024

from     € 700.- p.P.