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Wehe Du singst! ('You'd better not sing!')

The latest Rössl film

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The success story of the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl on Lake Wolfgang has been the subject of three films, the most recent of which (from 2013) is a lively retelling of the story, with plenty of pomp, pageantry and plot twists.

An old favourite transformed for the modern age

"In a style otherwise only familiar from emotionally exuberant Bollywood films, we see flamboyant, choreographed crowds of chequered waiters and dirndl-clad ballet dancers wafting pink feather dusters, all arranged into confections of the most glorious nonsense. […] This is the most off-the-wall fusion of kitschy Heimatfilm and surrealistic folklore, complete with a cheesy happy ending, that German-language cinema could possibly produce.” That was the critic Sabine Vogel's verdict on the film in the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper.

Extract from 'Wehe Du singst!', filmed on Lake Wolfgang

The Hotel Im Weissen Rössl reloaded

The operetta 'Im Weissen Rössl' (White Horse Inn), composed in the 1930s, is considered the most successful German-language musical of its genre. The work has been performed throughout Europe, including on Broadway in New York, and has been filmed several times.

Based on a book by Jan Berger, the well-known remake of the film is directed by Christian Theede and stars Jan Berger, Diana Amft, Tobias Licht, Armin Rohde, Edita Malovčić and Gregor Bloéb.

The set and plot were carried over to the present day, while the music was given a fresh new update. The musical's big numbers were revised and reinterpreted by musicians like Bela B., Till Brönner and Parov Stelar.

Sigismund can't help being so handsome...

Gregor Bloéb has been connected to the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl since the filming of the latest White Horse musical. When we interviewed him in spring 2014 for the upcoming issue of our magazine, he had the following to say: "The one and only Rössl! It goes without saying that during the filming of the new version of 'Im Weissen Rössl' in 2013, I stayed at the hotel. And I think that was the secret of why I made such an handsome Sigi. When you're staying in the most handsome hotel in the handsomest spot, you simply can't help it. It's the best!"

Previewed for you

Gudrun Peter, hostess at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl, got to see the newly released version of the film before anyone else. She witnessed the Austrian premiere of the new Rössl film 6 November 2013 in Salzburg, which met with thunderous applause.

In other words, the legend lives on, with the new release deemed a huge success. Our hearts long for Austria at its best - on the shores of Lake Wolfgang!

Of course, the new Rössl film is available on our hotel channel, along with the other versions.

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