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Fantastic vacation at Lake Wolfgangsee
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The Hotel Im Weissen Rössl at the cinema

The iconic film starring Peter Alexander and Waltraud Haas

from the 60s

When people here talk about 'the film', you know they mean the one starring Peter Alexander!

A favourite feel-good film in many Austrian households

The light-hearted insouciance of the world-famous melodies from 'Im Weissen Rössl' paired with the innocent comedy and the superb acting of Waltraud Haas, Gunther Philipp and Peter Alexander warm hearts and put smiles on faces.

We've put together some interesting facts and anecdotes about the making of the film.

Excerpts from the film Im Weissen Rössl with Peter Alexander.

This film is deeply embedded in the identity of the Hotel im Weissen Rössl, just like the eponymous operetta and the turquoise-blue Lake Wolfgang.

To quote the song from the operetta, at the Weisses Rössl on Lake Wolfgang, happiness is just around the corner!

The film was shot at original locations on and around Lake Wolfgang. While this version of the film  is based on Ralph Benatzky's 1930s operetta, there are plenty of contemporary twists. It brought the action into the present day, allowing Sigismund Sülzheimer to arrive at the Hotel im Weissen Rössl on Lake Wolfgang in a helicopter.

As there was no helicopter available for filming in Austria, a German helicopter had to be dismantled before being put on a truck to Austria due to customs regulations, after which it was laboriously reassembled at the site of the film shoot. The music was given modern arrangements by Heinz Gietz and enhanced with swing and pop elements.

In the summer of 1960, the exterior shots took place at original locations in St. Wolfgang. The corresponding interior shots were taken in Bad Ischl in autumn 1960. Some scenes were also created at the Berglandfilm studios in Vienna.

The classic 1960s film
starring Peter Alexander

The 1960s classic film starring Peter Alexander

"The 1960s version of the film is certainly the best-known of the three. Like the other two from 1935 and 2013, it plays on a constant loop on our hotel channel," says Rössl hostess Gudrun Peter.

Are you curious about the location where the legendary Peter Alexander once worked his magic?

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