Masseur massaging a woman in the wellness area at the Weissen Rössl
Rössl landlady Mrs. Gudrun Peter in a chic traditional dirndl.


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Wellness holiday in Austria: massages at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl

Balm for mind, body and soul – pampering days in the Salzkammergut

Massage offer

Whether you opt for a traditional, classic or deep relaxation massage, these treatments at SPA & Beauty at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl on Lake Wolfgang are well worth the time.

Do you know the stories behind the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl? The operettas, the sentimental Austrian films? Then here's your chance to discover an entirely new side to this traditional hotel. Rebuilt and expanded several times, the Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl is now one of the leading wellness hotels in Austria. And it goes without saying that its massages are of the very highest quality.

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Partial massage

41.- 25 Min.
Massage of a woman in the neck area

Relaxing, soothing partial massage for back or legs

Combination massage

67.- 40 Min.
Masseur massaging his client's toes

Relaxing back and foot reflexology massage

Intuitive massage

79.- 50 Min.
Young woman during a massage treatment in the White Horse Inn (Weisses Rössl)

Relaxing full body massage using various massage techniques, tailored to your needs

Sport massage

67.- 40 Min.
Young runner sporting headphones in the forest

Boosts bloodflow to the muscles, improves lymph fluid circulation and relieves muscle tension and fascia-related stiffness

Lymphatic drainage

67.- 40 Min.
Massage table in a room with towels and various massage oils

Detoxifies the body and stimulates lymphatic drainage

Massage with aromatic oils

70.- 50 Min.
White towel with a jug of aromatic oil

With special flavourings

Deep relaxation massage

70.- 50 Min.
Masseur from the White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang

Pure relaxation for the whole body with St John's wort oil

Hot stone massage

95.- 60 Min.
Hot Stone Massage at the White Horse Inn

Full-body hot stone massage to loosen up tense muscles

Herbal pouch massage

95.- 60 Min.
Preparation of the warm massage stamps

Relaxing and soothing massage with herbal pouches at body temperature

Cellulite-busting wrap on a softpack couch

61.- 40 Min.
Woman with a bowl of cream

Fat reduction, skin-tightening and detox

Purifying massage

70.- 50 Min.
Picture of a White Spoon with a Yellow Liquid

with special olive oil

Brush massage

35.- 25 Min.
A yellow massage brush

Invigorating, exfoliating and circulation-boosting full-body brush massage

Foot reflexology massage

45.- 25 Min.
Foot Zone Massage at the Weissen Rössl on Lake Wolfgang

Whole-body rejuvenation by manipulating pressure points on the foot

For parents and children:

ab 35.- ab 25 Min.
Girl having a manicure with a staff member

Spa & Beauty for kids

  • Children's massage

Children's manicure or pedicure

  • with varnish

"Long" girls' session

  • Jacuzzi session for mother and daughter, massage, nail polish for mother and daughter

"Long" boys' session

  • Jacuzzi session for father and son, back massage
Woman lying on her front and receiving a back massage

For parents and children:

Bliss is within easy grasp at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl on Lake Wolfgang. It's yours for the taking on a wellness holiday on Lake Wolfgang, thanks to the care and attention lavished by our SPA & Beauty team.

Make a no-obligation enquiry today and get ready for the ultimate feel-good getaway at the Hotel Im Weissen Rössl. You can specify a date for your massage when booking online. The Rössl team looks forward to seeing you there!

It's friends time

Friends-time at the lake Wolfgang!

from     € 459,- p.P.

Do not disturb

Enjoy romantic days with us in our emperior bath and in-room breakfast!

from     € 350,- p.P.

Rössl well-being

2 nights with spa treatments and our 1500m² spa on the lake - with floating lake lido and Jacuzzi

from     € 465,- p.P.


Discover our 80m² new Spa Suite and relax in your own wellness area!

from     € 1305,- p.P.